Date and Almond Balls

Since blitzing through our diet earlier this year, and cleaning out the pantry of all nasties, our go-to snacks have been either fruit, or toasted sourdough bread with nut spread (ground cashews, or almonds etc).

But a couple of times per week, I like to make up something for a sugar-free "treat". In the beginning I made pikelets constantly (using a small amount of honey to sweeten), because I couldn't figure out what else to make.

Thankfully my repertoire has expanded somewhat since then, and I'm always on the lookout for healthy snacks that are easy to make.

Recently I saw Date and Almond Rolls at the market, but they were $12 for 400g, and I figured I could work out how to make them myself. And I did. I was rather cautious at first, because I'm not overly fond of dates (the food variety at least!), but I was pleasantly surprised, and my 5-year-old loved them.

The following recipe will make approx 20 - 25 small balls about 2cm in diameter.

You will need:

200g of almond meal (ground almonds)
350g of finely chopped dates
Coconut, to roll the balls in. (Preferably coconut without Sulphur Dioxide on it)

Mix almond meal and dates in a bowl. Add some water (about 5 - 10 tbsp) until it is moist and sticky. With wet hands, shape into balls and roll in coconut.

You can start eating straight away if you want, but the taste seems to deepen if you refridgerate them for an hour or so before eating.


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