Make Your Own: Air Freshener

The term "air freshener" is really a paradox.

How can spraying chemicals around the room possibly freshen the air?!

It can't.

But it CAN affect the smell receptors in your nose, making you unable to sense odours. There now. Problem solved! Er...that is, if you don't mind harmful gases entering your lungs and into your bloodstream...

Here's a better idea...

Make your own! All you need is:

20-30 drops of essential oil
1tsp methylated spirits
1 ltr distilled water

Dissolve essential oil in methylated spirits. Mix with distilled water, store in airtight container or glass bottle.

Can also be used as disinfectant, if using essential oils with disinfectant properties ( cinnamon, clove, pine, tea tree, thyme, bergamot, peppermint, rosemary, juniper, sandalwood.)

Be cautious if you are pregnant. Some essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy.


innerbeam said...

Thank-you, you've answered a question I had for ages about how to make my own :-)

Anonymous said...

Lemon Myrtle oil is great for this.

The Ingredient Detective said...

Mmmm. Made with lemon myrtle would be a great general cleaner, too, as well as freshening the house.

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